Motorway Mayhem

A series of motorway drive by caches intended to break up tedious motorway journeys.

The first of the caches has been placed by us, Black Pig & the Piglets & Brook the smelly caching dog . The intention is to eventually cover as much of the motorway network as possible. We have started at M1 Junction 36, hopefully we will recruit other cachers to continue the series onto their "patch" & in turn they will recruit neighbouring cachers & so on. If anyone is interested in taking on a section of motorway please contact me here & we will coordinate the caches via this web page.

The caches should not be too difficult & should offer a variety of cache types, from straight forward "here are the coords, now go & find it" to small multis maybe involving micros at 1 or 2 junctions on your patch, leading to a final cache. The idea is to offer a quick break in the journey. If your cache is near a rest area or a cafe off the motorway, all the better. Bear in mind that the "cachee" maybe in business clothes when finding your cache, so muddy tracks & scrambling up banks might not be a good idea. Access back onto the motorway should be easy, as should parking in the cache vicinity.

It would be helpful if you could give an indication of how long it will take from leaving the motorway, to finding your cache, to returning back onto the motorway, when submitting your MM cache page.

Here is a link for the Motorway sign for you to use as the background for the cache pages, just copy & paste the link into the "background url" box on the cache submitting form.

Here is a link to this web page When you fill out your online form to report your "Motorway Mayhem" cache, please paste the link into the "related web page" box. This will enable potential cachers to find this page.

Important Note to Cache Setters

Please stick to the naming convention i.e. "Motorway Mayhem <motorway name> <junction number(s)>" This way we will give a feel of identity to the series. If you do not follow the naming convention, your cache might not appear when the search runs from the cache list links below. You can add any additional text & symbols after the junction number or name. Special characters, e.g. hyphens or quotation marks, placed in the title will also confuse the search. Another problem that may occur is that the searches return caches other than the ones on the motorway featured in the link. E.g. Clicking the M40 link will also return the M4 caches. This is due to the way that the site runs its searches, unfortunately I can't find a way of excluding unwanted results. If anyone knows of a way, I would welcome the advice.

If any one has any suggestions or comments please feel free to email me. I hope to set up a message board eventually so that news & views can be shared.

An up to date list of caches can be found here A1 A19 M1 M4 M5 M6 M11 M18 M181 M20 M25 M40 M53 M56 M60 M61 M62 M65 M90


Total MM caches as of 1st January 2007= 178  

A complete Real time list of Motorway Mayhem caches can be found here

An interactive map of all the Motorway Mayhem Caches can be found here MM Interactive Map Thanks to Ian Rutson. This map is updated once daily, so newly published caches may not show. The Map can take a moment or two to load, so please be patient with it.

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